Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

Day 2 @Comifuro 3

Yooo~ I'm really happy right now because on second day of Comifuro 3, Tropical Puff is selling their latest doujin ^o^ and also I redeem my PO of her old doujinshi ^w^ My collection is almost complete ^o^
Anyway... beside that I'm gonna tell you what I buy on the second day and show you my yuri doujin collection~

Okay so.. let's start from the left like last time.

On the bottom left, there's a yuri doujin made by Tropical Puff. The artist is kippou a.k.a Gleision. Man I love her all of her doujins. I even request for a signature to all of her works ^^; even her previous works. On top of it as you can see.. there's a poster of Yukari Yakumo and Kill la Kill pins. And there's an art commision by jiji (I don't know his real name is because my sister always calls him like that lol)

And here's my yuri doujin collection~

It's not much but all of it is a masterpiece. Because it's rare to find an author/artist to make these doujin. I have a collection of kippou's works. I have a collection of Hina's works. And last is a collection various artists (I call it various artists because I just started to collect their works ^^;)

kippou's works

Hina's works

On the left is wetto onee-sama's works

I hope there's gonna be a lot yuri doujinshi like this next year ^^;
Well then... Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoy my post this year

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