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Day 1 @Comifuro 3

Yo~ I'm back again~ This time I want to tell you about my journey experience at Comifuro 3 on day 1. I'm really sorry I can't show a picture inside the building and the stuff they sell >.<;;
I'll just show you what I buy and review it :3

Ok, so... let's start from the left!

On the left there's a poster of Yuru Yuri made by Squash. They usually sell poster of moe girls but sometimes the drawing is ecchi

And there's two album of Touhou soundtrack made by suramu (top) and Vesuvia Project (bottom). The first wave album is not bad at all. I love it. The genre is a bit like electronic. The cover says the genre is break-trance but I don't know if it's really a genre or not ^^; The third Vesuvia album is a combination of the first and second album. The genre is instrumental or classical. I really love it ^w^

There's a poster of Umi and Maki (behind of Umi poster, forgot to take a photo of it) next to the albums. I forgot what circle that sell this. I'm really sorry ;A;

And the bottom of Love Live posters, there's a variety of pins. The middle one is made by Shiori, I bought a Kuroko pin because i want to help my sister circle ><;; The right one is Elsword pins. I bought Eve Code Empress and Aisha Dark Magician pin. I forgot again what circle it is. I'm really sorry ><;; The left one is Symphogear pins is made by Yuri Indo Nakama.

Next to the pins, there's a Homura poster. Arrrrggghhhh I really love that drawing but sadly I don't know the artist and the circle that sell it Orz

On top of it, there's two yuri doujinshi. The left one is a Ymir x Christa (Shingeki no Kyojin) doujin. I'm really sorry I don't know the circle's name again ><; On the right one is Marceline x Bubblegum (Adventure Time) with some of Shizuru x Natsuki (Mai Hime) doujin made by Yuri Indo Nakama. This is really a rare doujin in Indonesia because it's hard to find a circle that makes those doujin. On top and bottom of it there's a Touhou stickers

On the right of Homura poster, there's an artbook of Digimon series. It was made by Mocca Truffel. WORTH IT for 200k IDR ;w;)d

On top of it, there's a short comic called "Rekam Medik". IT IS HILARIOUS! If you're going to Comifuro you should buy it! Again, I'm really sorry I forgot the circle m(_ _)m

Note : You can go here for more information of the circle's list

Well.. that's it! Thanks for reading this random post~
See you on my next post~ ^o^)/

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