Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

Seisai no Resonance

So... yeah I'm back and this is my first impression of Seisai no Resonance :
1. Beautiful art
2. Lots of choices and endings
3. Unique battle scenes
4. Lots of cute/beautiful characters
And.. I don't know about the story yet because I still can't read japanese text lol. Here's the description I took from Visual Novel Data Base :

Otofuse Island is a remote island located south of the mainland. While it is a beautiful sightseeing place surrounded by clear seas and lush forests, it is also bound by tradition. A long time ago, a giant fireball came down from the sky, burning the island for three whole days. Since the men were out fishing, it was up to the women to control the flames and protect the island. They sealed the fire so that it would not ravage the island again. Even now, a sealing ritual is performed by a selected pair of mikos.

Kanae came to Otofuse Island looking for her mother who was formerly a miko there, but had went missing 7 years ago. She also had an acceptance letter into Sakihana all-girls academy. However, she was attacked by a girl from the island’s secret organization Shouraikai which is in charge of the rituals, then found out that her enrollment had been revoked. Leaving the school grounds, she noticed something amiss and came face-to-face with a giant monster. Suddenly, the amulet which her mother had given to her for protection lent her fire powers to defeat the beast. Her power was sensed by the miko candidates and she was taken in by the school. She also became part of the otome-kai and a miko candidate herself. It is the otome-kai’s duty to put their lives on the line to fight against these strange beings known as ‘impurities’. They have to train together to strengthen their bonds while cleansing the impurities using their powers.

So the red haired girl name is Kanae Takato. And... I only know the white twintail girl name because I ended up with that girl ending XD
Well.. if I can get all the endings I will make walkthrough of this, BUT if I can't there will be no post about this game. So... wish me luck okay?
Bye~ ja nee~ ^o^)/

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