Jumat, 04 September 2015

Some of the visual novels that caught my attention...

Okay it's been... how many months I haven't write a post?
Oh well I'm not that good at math...

Anyway there are visual novels that caught my attention

Here's the list :

1. Asphyxia

Samantha is depressed. She’s been depressed for a long time, almost as long as she can remember, but it’s slowly been getting worse. She thought Lillian was her friend, her best friend. Perhaps she even thought of her as more than that. Why, then, did their relationship have to fall apart? Was it really her fault? She didn’t do anything wrong. At least, she didn’t intend to. Now, three months later, Samantha finally has her chance. Forced together on their geography field trip to the Lake District, will she finally be able to repair her relationship with Lillian – or will it collapse all over again?

The art look gorgeous, that's why it caught my attention. And hey! it's an English language visual novel! (I can understand the story yay!)
It's also a short visual novel. I can finish this around 1-2 days (if I'm busy)

2. Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou


It's the sequel of Hakuisei Ren'ai Shoukougun! yaaaaayyyy~
But sadly I cannot play it because I don't have a PS Vita (;_;)
Maybe someone kindly enough will send me a PS Vita ( '3') just kidding...

3. Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne-



Although there's not much information when will it be release, I'm still hyped about it ( 9^O^)9

Okay.. so that's it from my list of visual novel that caught my attention. What's that? There's no Hanabira series in this list? Don't worry about it. It doesn't have to be written in this list. I've always play it and trying to make a guide for you guys ( ^w^)d

See you on my next post~

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