Kamis, 13 Maret 2014

Hakuisei Ren'ai Shoukougun A.K.A Shirokoi Walkhtrough

Okay... because I'm really depressed to get all of the endings, I found this website. It's a complete walkthrough of Hakuisei Ren'ai Shoukougun.

Finaly I can play and get Hatsumi's ending. It took me forever before I found this website. When I saw the date, he/she posted this walkhtrough around 2 years ago! I can't believe I believe it took me 2 years to find this game walkthrough.

Here's the website : http://brightbell.main.jp/kipima/game/Sirokoi/

Oh and.. I've already tested it so don't worry about making a mistakes ^^;

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