Rabu, 27 November 2013

3 In A Row! Vocaloid Doujin By Sekihara

Yes people!! it's 3 doujins in 1 day! Wohooo!!! How can you not be excited? (/>w<)/
And these doujin is made by Sekihara, as usual he made Luka x Miku doujin. Ah... my hearts feels like want to blow, it's very rare to get these doujin on internet so.. thank you Team 11'x'2 (>w<) and thanks again (as usual) Dynasty Reader for sharing these doujin~

You can download these doujin below~
WARNING! It's NSFW so I'm not responsible if you're under 18 reading these doujin

Download : Append Disc (Append Box)

Download : Candy Box 2

Download : Feeling Box

Well the.. i'll be going now into my real life again~ bye bye~ ^o^)/

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